Sometimes it’s interesting to see how unrealistically a photo shoot is depicted in films and television. Here’s one example which is going to be hard to beat, from the TV series “Gossip Girl” (episode 4 of season 1, around the 14 minute mark).

Why oh why do they have the photographer pulling out polaroids from his Mamiya RZ67 in the middle of shooting, and then keep shooting without even looking at them?
What is he supposed to be shooting on? A Polaroid back or a film back? But wait, it gets better. He is supposedly shooting digital (you see the images popping up on the large displays) yet he doesn’t have a digital back on the Mamiya, and there is not even a cable connecting the camera to the computer! And why have two screens with the same info (not in dual display mode)?

If you find some good examples, please post them here!

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